mining games
Welcome to Mining Games, home to ten of the internet's best gold and coal mine games. Look for the motherload and collect the mega gold.
Play the newly added, Mega Miner. We look forward to five new mining games in 2015!
gold miner game
Gold Miner
reel gold game
Reel Gold
dynaminer game
super miner game
Super Miner
money miner game
Money Miner

mars miner game
Mars Miner
cable miner game
Cable Miner
mega miner game
Mega Miner
gold miner 2 player game
Gold Miner 2 Player
space miner game
Space Miner

Do you ever wonder if you will find your magic pot of gold at the end of a rainbow? Well, you probably won't because you're not that lucky. However, you can get plenty of gold playing this mining games. Collect as much gold as you can. And while you're digging underground, you mineswell look for some coal.